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CIA leak shows plans to market Afghan war to Europeans

AFP/The Local · 27 Mar 2010, 11:23

Published: 27 Mar 2010 11:23 GMT+01:00

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"Afghan women could serve as ideal messengers in humanising," the mission for European audiences, according to the CIA analysis, posted on WikiLeaks, a whistleblower website.

The views of Afghan women would carry special weight as they could express "their aspirations for the future, and their fears of a Taliban victory," it said.

German audiences might also respond to marketing efforts emphasising Afghan optimism about the mission, while the dangers of failure should also be played up to get them onside, the document read.

The Central Intelligence Agency declined to confirm or deny if the document was genuine. But WikiLeaks has previously posted government and corporate documents that were later verified.

The report also suggested taking advantage of President Barack Obama's popularity in Germany and France, arguing that appeals from the US president on the importance of the allied role in the war could have a positive effect.

And scare tactics could be used on the German public in particular, it said.

"For example, messages that illustrate how a defeat in Afghanistan could heighten Germany's exposure to terrorism, opium, and refugees might help to make the war more salient to sceptics," it said.

The report by a CIA expert on "strategic communications" and State Department analysts of public opinion warned that popular support for the war in Europe was weak and could easily collapse, citing the recent fall of the Dutch government over the issue.

"The tone of previous debate suggests that a spike in French or German casualties or in Afghan civilian casualties could become a tipping point in converting passive opposition into active calls for immediate withdrawal," it said.

The analysis, dated March 11, suggested public relations strategies to drum up support for the war in Germany and France, which maintain the third and fourth largest troop deployments in Afghanistan.

"Outreach initiatives that create media opportunities for Afghan women to share their stories with French, German, and other European women could help to overcome pervasive scepticism among women in Western Europe toward the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) mission," it said.

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Public relations efforts could "tap into acute French concern for civilians and refugees," the report said, suggesting highlighting polls that show most Afghans support the presence of coalition troops.

Such an approach could stress the potential dangers facing Afghan civilians if NATO-led troops were defeated and play on European guilt for abandoning them.

The memorandum is titled: "Afghanistan: Sustaining West European Support for the NATO-led Mission -- Why Counting on Apathy Might Not Be Enough."

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

13:30 March 27, 2010 by freechoice
why do you let your sons and daughter die for their wars?

why not let their own sons and daughter die for their own wars?
13:33 March 27, 2010 by Celeon
Ive read the document and what really concerns me about it is this constant referal to opinion polls from third parties rather than own research or even a deeper analysis of the broader picture behind what that shapes the results of these polls.

It almost scares me that, if the document is genuine, people working for the USA's intelligence service deliver such lazy and superficial memorandums on which others are supposed to make decisions.

While the polls the memorandum refers to surely give a reflection of the public support problem in Germany and France, it completely fails to look into why the outcome is like it is. It just takes the results and thorws highly superficial "solutions ideas" at them.

This results in absolutely naive and childish suggestions like the assumption that Obama's popularity could be utilized to change public support for the cause of the Afghan mission.

Obama already addressed Afghanistan in speeches to the german public. He did so during his visit to Europe, specifially his visit to Berlin in the presidential election campaign and during his Germany visit as elected president.

He did what this document suggests he should do even more. He stressed the importance of the mission, the importance of the german role in it, the outlined the risks of failure.

Did german public opinion changed? Nope , according to the CIA's beloved media polls (ROFL) it even slipped another bit since then.

Obviously the root of the problem is so persistent it cannot be touched by a president Obama no matter how popular he may be. But by reading this document, it becomes clear tha the CIA has not even a clue on why this may be so.

Lets hope that this document was not written by someone who has a say within the CIA. Because he or she does a very sloppy job.
16:26 March 27, 2010 by dbert4
Of course this document is real. No one ever claimed the CIA to be mental giants, not with their having bungled every effort since Vietnam.
03:14 March 28, 2010 by peschvogel
Lets talk about Agent Curveball from the DIA or Germany's intelligence who provided the Americans with an Iraqi who said Sadam had "Weapons of Mass Destruction". Perhaps if the German intelligence didnt provide such schiess details the Americans would not have made a case to the UN. German intelligence triggered the Iraqi conflict. You know what they say about yelling into a forest?
05:46 March 28, 2010 by Eagle1
by dbert4

"No one ever claimed the CIA to be mental giants, not with their having bungled every effort since Vietnam. "

Idiot. Because of the CIA, the US took down Noriega overnight, the U.S. were in Baghdad in less than a week, and the Taliban are no longer running Afghanistan.

Leftist Germans can think what they want. Turn your heads and ignore the radical Islam threat. Sooner or later, they will come for you.
06:00 March 28, 2010 by dongle
Idiot. Because of the CIA, the US took down Noriega overnight, the U.S. were in Baghdad in less than a week, and the Taliban are no longer running Afghanistan.

IDIOT: All manufactured wars to expand the Anglo American Empire also know as the New World Order. The Afghan war is about controlling the supply of opium for black ops and to establish a route into China. It also helps promote the sale of arms and therefore the subjugation of people.

Not noticed that your civil rights have been eroded? WAKE UP!
10:18 March 28, 2010 by dbert4
@Eagle1 - You F'in tool, if your cracker enlisted self was capable of learning and able to read. You would know that most dictators, terroristic organization and general idiots were supported by and often on the CIA payroll to include Noriega.

The situation in Afghanistan was created by the CIA, as was Iran and every right-wing arschloch in South and Central America.

And the Taliban are still running Afghanistan, only Kabul is currently being run by corrupt CIA supported "Richards".
10:42 March 28, 2010 by Celeon
@ peschvogel

It has nothing to with that article here but if you whish to talk about it :

You forget that the BND never allowed the CIA to interview Rafid Ahmed Alwan aka "Curveball" personally nor ever stated that they think he is trustworthy, for a good reason. They just passed on what he told them as any friendly intelligence service would do.

Once they realized that the CIA's burning interest was not just of the usual business but they were desperately looking for something they could launch the Iraq War on (hence they wanted Curveball to speak in u.s tv) , the chief of the BND, Hanning wrote a letter to the chief of the CIA, George Tenet explicitely telling him that Curveball's statement cannot be verified and his information should thus be taken with a grain of salt.

He also told him that Curveball does not want to talk to the CIA nor to travel to the USA.

But unverified informations from a guy they knew little about was good enough for them. You can figure why.

Because the decision to invade Iraq was already made and all the government wanted from the CIA was to back this somehow.

They even came up with the idea to interview a BND agent in u.s tv instead. He was supposed to say in u.s prime time tv what Curveball had told him.

Of course the BND rejected that as well.

Additionally the CIA had even reason to believe he is lying as one of his descriptions of a alleged "bio weapons lab" in Al Naddaf did not really fit to the satellite photos they made of the buildings.

They never saw him , they never spoke to him, they didn't even knew much about him but nonetheless they sent Powell to the UN with a rediculous drama copy of the cuban missile crisis photo presentation.

And that all based on nothing but hear say of which they wished it was true.

Who did something wrong here? The BND or the CIA?
00:16 March 29, 2010 by Frenemy
@celeon: you're generally on target about curveball not wanting to deal directly with US intelligence, but it was initially DIA not CIA (and they did eventually debrief him themselves).

...and besides, everyone in the intel business knows that you should never trust a "walk-in", especially not one like curveball, who stood to benefit significantly from the bullsh!t stories he was peddling. (in addition to asylum, citizenship, etc., this guy had some other seriously outlandish "requests")...
01:31 March 29, 2010 by peschvogel
@Dbert4: Your kids will be dating a Muslim and your grandkids will be 100% Muslim. You might be the last dbert around. Javoil!

@dongle: The NWO is coming for you and if you dont obey you will be tagged. Are you listening? You will submit and obey. Do you understand? Am i making myself clear? Alles klar...

@Celeon: DIA was wrong for raising the red flag. Where is the filter here? Doesnt sound like your German Intelligence Agency is "Intelligent" at all...
22:32 March 29, 2010 by dbert4
After it's shocking lack of success in Inteligence, the CIA has moved on to more common types of criminal activities. If the BBC is to be believed, drugging and raping moslem women that is.


Unless..........he was just pumping them for intelligence?
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