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Politically motivated crime hits record high

DPA/The Local · 23 Mar 2010, 09:00

Published: 23 Mar 2010 09:00 GMT+01:00

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Citing an Interior Ministry report, daily Bild reported on Tuesday there were 33,917 politically motivated crimes committed in 2009.

Although offences committed by right-wing extremists are twice as common as those committed by the left, it is a massive jump in left-wing crime that is responsible for the new peak.

The number of left-wing extremist crimes climbed 39.4 percent to 9,375. Among those were 1,822 violent offences – a rise of 53.4 percent.

Crimes by the far right, meanwhile, fell by 4.7 percent compared with 2008, totalling 19,468. Assault is a particularly common far-right crime, the report said.

Towards the end of last year, there was a spate of far-left attacks, including notorious incidents in which perpetrators, threw Molotov cocktails, paint bombs and cobblestones at Berlin’s Treptow district Federal Criminal Police (BKA) office. Around the same time, offices for the centre-left Social Democrats and the conservative Christian Democrats were also vandalised with anti-war graffiti.

And in Hamburg, about 10 masked perpetrators attacked a police precinct in the Schanzenviertel neighbourhood, setting a police cruiser alight, damaging other police cars and breaking windows with stones.

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At the time, the head of the German Police Union, Rainer Wendt, branded the attacks a “declaration of war.”

In January, Bild reported that preliminary statistics from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), indicated a drop in right-wing violent crime for the first time in six years.

DPA/The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

09:50 March 23, 2010 by Talonx
If it's published by the BIld, can you really consider it news?
10:47 March 23, 2010 by William Thirteen
the left attacks property, the right attacks people. glad the trends aren't in the opposite direction!
11:19 March 23, 2010 by Zobirdie
It's about time the police did something to stop the Antifa. It's disgraceful. I think it's terrible that the lefties think that destroying/defacing property is acceptable, and the police let it happen.

People work hard for the things they have, and to let these hooligans run rampant like spoiled toddlers is wrong. They need to grow the heck up.
12:11 March 23, 2010 by whatzup
I agree that there should be zero tolerance for people who injure folks or destroy property. Tantrums of those sorts are really dangerous and should be met with no tolerance whatsoever.
12:51 March 23, 2010 by William Thirteen
yes, i suspect the fact that it is defined as 'crime' indicates the police don't approve either. in fact, they are probably sorely miffed about the attacks on their cars and buildings. but please don't let the dull facts stand in the way of any necessary hysteria!
14:22 March 23, 2010 by TeutonicKaiser
Crime on both sides should not be tolerated, but I've noticed more and more that it is usually the anarchists and the socialists who are running rampant.
15:33 March 23, 2010 by Clapoti
Those idiots should just adapt to society and get a job. Destroying other peoples stuff is not the way to complain about whatever.
16:09 March 23, 2010 by magdelana
It seem's nobody has learned from the past.
17:09 March 23, 2010 by peschvogel
if i lived in a country with brain drain, the irreversable fertility rate, higher taxes, a currency about to go bust, a banking system about to go bust, 40% welfare rate, aging demographics, higher prices, inept politicians/leaders, integration difficulties, Bismarkian welfare state about to be gone, no job mobility, poor schools, poor healthcare....I would be on the streets also...Anarchy!

Expect this to only get worse as the German Government is hiding big losses from its baning sector. Schade...
17:53 March 23, 2010 by michael4096

"brain drain" - you are usually complaining about structural problems in the working environment - i.e. people are not moving geographically to advance themselves - make up your mind!

"irreversable fertility rate" - it must be wonderful to have a crystal ball

"higher taxes" - higher than what? I guess you drive a lada - gimme the cheapest whatever the cost!

"a currency about to go bust" - losing 25% might not be a bad thing and still leave it way above where it is supposed to be

"40% welfare rate" - I reckon I spend more than most on welfare and I'm no where near your 40% assertion

"aging demographics" - you are definitely losing steam here - what is your implication?

"higher prices" - higher than? 10 years ago? - yes! its called normality. Higher than we would like? - yes! its called normality. Higher than the same in Greece today? Higher than the same in Greece tomorrow? Have you anything to say, or is this just sound bite time?

"inept politicians/leaders" - compared to?

"integration difficulties" - compared to?

... and it goes on ... do you really have anything to say?

"Schade" - you have proved you know 4 or 5 german words, do you know any others?
18:49 March 23, 2010 by peschvogel

Since I am dealing with a German who loves to make "comparisons" and has denounced everything of statistical "fact" i mentioned, i see that i need to explain myself. Well, well, well, where do i begin with Germany's current problems:

1. brain drain - if you are smart, educated you would want to leave Germany because there are no jobs anymore. People are staying in their jobs for 15 to 20 yrs with no mobility and this causes the youth to turn to Anarchy. Just look at the youth Anarchy movment in Germany article on this same site. Schlim

2. the irreversable fertility rate - Germany has a 1.3x fertility rate. You need a "minimum" of a 2.11 to "survive" as a culture. Germany "mathamatically" or "statistically" cannot "reverse" this number. There is no magic wand, nor crystal ball, just simple math. Thats why Germany is turning brown...Schade..

3. higher taxes - Germany now needs to pay for welfare that the govt cant afford. Motorways are going bust, you need a defense budget now, export companies need bailouts....But wait...Here is the best...You probably dont see this because you have a "banking" degree and work at a "bank"...Germanys banks are about to go bust and the public must pay for this...Over leveraged, low capital ratios, no more money from the govt, Schade...

4. a currency about to go bust - the Euro is structurally flawed. You would wish that this is the deepest decline (30%) but its going much lower meinen freunde. There is Greece, Spain, France, and all the European Banks which have come under fire in the last week that are going to sink the Euro...No treasury, interest rate straight jacket, etc...

5. a banking system about to go bust - 2 landesbanks are about to go down. All the time banks had time to raise capital but didnt. Had time to pay back their govt money but didnt. Germany has too many banks that are overleveraged, non-competitive and are history...Germanys banks are more screwed up than anyones...Schade...

6. 40% welfare rate - With a population loosing population, the comfortable "Bismarkian" state has no more tax revenues to support it. Its an upside down demographic tree. Germans will need to work. New law is being drafted that the free benefits are done. And best of all, you can soon "fire" people for "performance' measures in Germany. This will get those Germans to work harder and no more "sress haben" or "burnout". Schlim..

7. aging demographics - Do I need to explain? Nobody is making babies in Germany. Immigration is the answer...Schade..

20:08 March 23, 2010 by michael4096
if you are smart, educated you would want to leave Germany because there are no jobs anymore.
's funny, according to the economist the german unemployment rate is lower than the us, uk and most other comparable countries. However, I'm sure you know better.

Same really for all your other comments. Others have predicted blood on the streets - it never happened. Actually, most western governments would give their eye-teeth for germany's problems rather than their own. But, never let a few facts get in the way of a good rant, eh!
20:16 March 23, 2010 by peschvogel
The German unemployment rate in 2010 is going higher = Fact

The US/UK unemployment rate in 2010 are heading lower = Fact

Kurzarbeitet looks like a failure...I dont think any country would rather have the problems Germany currenty posses.

1. fertility rate of 1.3

2. aging population

3. currency problems

4. higher taxes

5. civil unrest

6. welfare state no more

7. higher prices

8. deflation

9. banking problems

10. exports drying up

11. brain drain

12. poor health care

13. pension problems
23:01 March 23, 2010 by wxman
Perschvogel, take it from me - - don't bother.
23:04 March 23, 2010 by peschvogel
I know. Thanks wxman...Certain folks live in a "welfare" state of malaise and they think all is peachy now but when Berlin lowers the hammer this year, these "Hubris" replies will be no more. I blame it on the malaise....Schade...
03:32 March 24, 2010 by Talonx
Peschvogel, I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, you wrote, "Thats why Germany is turning brown...Schade..". Exactly what's bad about a country excepting brown skinned immigrants? I want to know exactly what you have to say on this one.

P.s. Germany's unemployment numbers aren't going to reach any peak near as high as the U.S. numbers did. And the secondary effects wont likely be as robust (steep increases in violent crime and the like) given the given the safety nets in place.

The Euro is currently on sounder footing than the Pound (Iceland ain't given it all back) or any of the Dollars (most which are floating due to loans from the largest Communist nation in existence, ha).

The aging population is only a problem if Germany doesn't recieve immigrants, I'm here, I can tell you that they do.

Brain drain isn't occuring, in fact I've noticed a reversed trend of brain inflation. As university fees rise the world over, places like Germany and Austria will become havens for academics and researchers. Especially considering how friendly their tax and insurance laws are to students. The world's largest non-profit research organization is based out of Germany, you'd have to be whacked to not realize what that equates to in things like new patents. The Mp3 was invinted in Bavaria for christsakes.
04:36 March 24, 2010 by peschvogel
Talonx: You are wrong on all your accounts. Your age is showing. I can esily and statistically prove you wrong that Brain drain is occuring at an all time high in Germany. Just look at DWelle report. The Euro is going to go down. Just ask nobel lauretes and all the money parked against it recently. German unemployment #'s are peaking in 2011. US is decreasing. Facts. And crime, did you even read the above article and the rioters and anarchists who are out every week in Germany distrupting society? Other people in this world are "civilized" in these times, ut no, you want to raise your anti-Kapitalismus, Marx, USSR and anti-NWO flag, Get used to it looser. Nothing wrong with brown people, i love diversity, but look at the UN Report slapping Germany with integration problems.

Again, I have proved you wrong on all accounts. Dont, I repeat do not com eon this forum again and spew goobly gah about some crap you read in Focus Magazine at the Hauptbahnhof while waiting for your cronies to do drugs while listening to your yellow mp3 with detachable schueffel rabbit.

Du nicht verstehen? Am i making myself clear? I am ordering you to cease. Alles klar?
05:14 March 24, 2010 by Talonx
Pesch, resorting to all manner of argumentational fallacy doesn't make you correct.

Nor do your 'Facts'.

According to PISA scores, measures of research productivity, and international enrollment rates (all things that aren't supposed to be high if brain drain is occuring), Germany is doing better than the U.S. and trending upward.

Surely, stock-bets have been shown to be 'predictive' of real-world events. But they remain flawed in comparison to actual observations. Though they are thought to be predictive as they are pooled aggregates of many persons observations, they are less meaningful than polled proffesional economic opinion (academic not governmental) as they include 'dumb money', often times in large proportions. If you look at the academic communities opinion concerning the recent collapse compared to the stock-bets, you'll see my point.

As for crime, the U.S. is more violent per capita at base and even with the property crimes reported here, per capita the U.S. is worse. Murder is still 5 times higher in the states than Germany and some scholars are predicting 6 times during the 'downturn'.

It's sad that you have to resort to name-calling, strawman arguments, and veiled arguments from authority (e.g. 'you're showing your age') in order to try and get a point across. Actually, I guess it's clear that you don't really have a point, you just want to win. That being said, l don't really care what you have to say, it's pointless to discuss with someone that only hears what they want to here.

Your German's really shite by the way (when you write, 'du nicht verstehen', you put a 'kannst' in front, otherwise it's too informal). And I was actually the only one in this forum to point out that this article came from the Bild and to question the legitimacy of such a rag (so what are you on about with Focus?).

You're a strange bird Pesch. I hope you can calm yourself long enough to respond without being a such a jerk.
05:45 March 24, 2010 by peschvogel
And what is the point of writing a thesis on stock market behaviors exactly? Why are you even writing? You make no sense. Giving me Berlitz training, talking about US killing when US is actually more "civil" as opposed to your klass (read article above, its not to difficult, its only above)? You are definately on a lower educational status from someone like myself, so i will stop here because i have done my weekly charity work already. Ungloublisch....Typisch Deutsche...
07:04 March 24, 2010 by Talonx
Pesch, you started the discussion. Did you forget?

The above article only talks about rates within Germany, it doesn't say anything about other countries, that's something you added. If you want to make comparisons, you certainly can, I'm afraid you'll find that all forms of crime are higher in the U.S. than Germany.

I doubt, I'm "...on a lower educational status from someone like" yourself. Firstly, both your German and English are a bit off. Secondly, with reasoned arguments, authority does not matter.

It really is a shame that every time an important point is brought up you resort to name calling and arguments from authority, instead of addressing claims.

Haben Sie gedacht, dass ich Deutsche bin? Tut mir sehr Leid, aber ich bin Amerikaner. Wissen Sie, was wirklich unglaublich ist? Sie haben keine Ahnung, wie Man eine Auseinandersetzung über irgendetwas haben sollte. Sie sind erbärmlich und böswillig.
15:50 March 24, 2010 by Beynch
The anarchist left is up to their usual, predictable, antics. When things don't go their way, they go on the attack. The concept of 'democracy' does not appear in their thought process. How about if we hash out our differences in words, instead of thrown bottles.
15:54 March 24, 2010 by Hebbellover
Too bad these dopes don't use their energy to get jobs!
18:19 March 24, 2010 by peschvogel
A commenter on the Hartz IV - no more money for clothes article stated that their are no more jobs in Germany as they are "just" starting to fire people. Maybe thats why they are taking it the streets?
08:57 March 25, 2010 by Talonx
Pesch, for someone that doesn't seem to like any form of socialism your theories are decidedly marxist. Contra Marx and Engels historical determinism, strife does not equal an inevitable backlash. If it did, we would expect to see the exact backlash in every nation with problems, directly proportionate to the strife experienced, Canada experiences non of this.

Beynch, respectfully, 'we' never get to hash out our differences in words, sure the politicians do, but they aren't delegates are they, they're 'representatives' they do whatever they please. As for the bottle throwers at least they don't indescriminately target as do the police. I was in Berlin for the last Mayday, completely unaffiliated with any protest (i.e. not protesting) and was tear-gassed along with alot of others that just happened to be in the wrong part of town (i.e. where their homes were in Kreuzberg) at the wrong time. I prefer the bottle throwers to the riot police any day of the week.
19:04 March 25, 2010 by peschvogel

Socialsm, marxism, whatever you want to call it is not mixing with the economy in the last 10 years. And now, with this new problem, sacrifices will be made. No more Bismark state. Germany cant afford it anymore. Thats why the strikes are happening..

According to OECD:

GDP Average Annual Increases:

1990-1999 - US 3.3% , EU 2.0%

2000-2008 - US 2.2% , EU 1.7%

Labor Productivity Average Annual Increase

1990-1999 - US 1.7% , EU 1.7%

2000-2008 - US 2.0% , EU 1.0%
20:41 March 25, 2010 by Talonx
Pesch, my Marxism comment was in reference to your, 'if economic problems, then political upheavel' statement, Karl Marx was the first to formalise such a phenomanon as a necessary outcome. I was writing that I found it strange that someone who would so energetically write against a welfare state would use Marxist reasoning.

As far as decreases in the rate of GDP increase, for both the US and EU; long term growth has never been and will never be sustainable. The sooner we figure that out the better. You do see that GDP increase dropped further in the US, don't you? You also, i hope, realize that a decrease in GDP growth along with an increase in productivity doesn't always mean efficiency, it could also just be labour exploitation. I would, in fact, argue this given the waning power of unions in the US. Anyways, comparing the entire EU to the US is like comparing apples to oranges. The EU is way younger, the EU is not a single nation, and the EU includes member states with vastly different socioeconomic strategies (e.g. Greece likes to pocket money, Italy is a crony state, and Switzerland is a tax-dodging-enabler).
22:15 March 25, 2010 by peschvogel
Unions are another cousin of the welfare state. You must rid the nation of its greedy unions but first draft law to do so. This is whats occuring now in Berlin. Then the welfare state is bye-bye...Then the world can move to being more efficient, more productive and grow the bottom line.
01:05 March 26, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, this particular discussion has become so emotional, that only the first 8 comments actually were about the article. The irony of it all is quite interesting.

The article is people who commit crimes, as a result of out-of-control emotions. An some people here on The Local are so emotional, that they lose site of the purpose.

A form of Psychology that is based upon non-emotionalism is without question the answer for all of humanity's problems.
02:30 March 26, 2010 by peschvogel
1. Nobdy actualy wants to make a "decision" now do they?

2. Dont make emotional decisions unelss dealing with family.

3. Non-emotionalism is the wave of the future. Its based on pure logic, kein stress haben and no responsibility taking.

4. Someone needs to inform these kids rioting in Germany about the new Non-emotionalism that the NWO has supplanted politik playing. Make them submit and yell at them. Scold them. Arrest them!

Make them understand! Make them submit! Make them know they words and actions are meaningless. Welcome to the future!
12:23 March 26, 2010 by Talonx
Logic guy, I didn't see anything about emotions in the article. That's your interpretation. Most people plan political actions well in advance and not emotionally charged spontaneous action, that's why they are harder to catch then run of the mill vandals.

In any case, I would like to restate that this was a piece originally published by the Bild, a tabloid newspaper that often has large sections devoted to pornography. I think it would be a bad Idea to trust their reportage.
17:47 March 26, 2010 by peschvogel
The same one as "The Bild Girl of the Week" publication? Cheeky
19:02 March 26, 2010 by Talonx
The exact same one. It would be like running an American news in German webportal and translating from the 'Weekly World News' or 'USA Today'. Why would one even waste their time. Someone dropped the ball on this one.
02:19 March 27, 2010 by peschvogel
USA Today...What could be worse than that crap...
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