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Schavan wants Islamic scholars for universities

DDP/The Local · 25 Feb 2010, 16:18

Published: 25 Feb 2010 16:18 GMT+01:00

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Schavan told weekly Die Zeit the shortage of Islamic academics meant they would have to be imported from abroad to ensure imams and other Islamic leaders could be educated within the German educational system.

“There are very few leading Islamic scholars in Germany,” Schavan said.

With an additional €12 billion for education and research announced by the federal government, there was also money available for additional Islamic professorships, Schavan said.

She added that Christian theology had benefited from being developed at German universities and that Islamic theology would be helped by the “same academic approach.”

The German Council of Science and Humanities – an advisory body to the government – recommended at the end of January that in future, imams and Islamic religious teachers should be educated at German universities.

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The council also called for major Islamic studies institutes to be established at two or three of Germany’s universities.

It is one of several new ideas to improve integration. Late last year, the cultural organisation Auslandsgesellschaft announced a programme to help 17 Turkish imams learn German. Most of the religious leaders have recently come from Turkey and have no German skills.

DDP/The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

18:32 February 25, 2010 by Fredfeldman
Great idea. Next, lets legislate Islam as the state religion.
20:32 February 25, 2010 by Der Grenadier aus Aachen
How to put this....

22:42 February 25, 2010 by DavidtheNorseman
Eagle1 you have missed the point:

Now Herr Professor Imam will award you with a German degree acknowleding that you are proficient in such courses (have understood, digested and are ready to practice), with Governmental approval......................

You win for the most accurate comment!
02:04 February 26, 2010 by Thames
Germany should start teaching their own people how militant Islam has fought for over 1000 years to take over Europe. And now they are going to succeed with the willing help of Germany's so called leaders.

Europe is lost. The Nazi and Communist failed to destroy this great continent but the multi kulti democrats will not.
03:39 February 26, 2010 by KareemK
I think this is a stupid move. if an irreligious highly-qualified but fresh graduate like me tries to move into germany. the embassy is gonna send me off back home as a crazy person... but if a hate-preaching retard (not all of them are retards, but 9 out of 10 will preach hate. hate is the norm in our lands) goes he will be welcomed
16:39 February 26, 2010 by tlwinslow
As Muslims continue to pour into the West, bringing Islam, Sharia, male supremacy and sometimes jihad with them, to remain an Islam history ignoramus is getting dangerous. Go to school online free with the Historyscoper and master all the key facts about Islam and its 1400-year history and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes at http://go.to/islamhistory
16:55 February 26, 2010 by Der Grenadier aus Aachen
Our goal shouldn't be acclimatization for muslims. It should be secularization.
00:08 February 27, 2010 by Cincinnatus
Well done Germany! If you hurray, and import your Imams, you can trump the rest of Europe and become the capital of the European Caliphate!
00:25 February 27, 2010 by Thames
There are 2.2 billion Christians around the world. The Christian non-governmental organization Open Doors calculates that 100 million of them are being threatened or persecuted. They aren't allowed to build churches, buy Bibles or obtain jobs. That's the more harmless form of discrimination and it affects the majority of these 100 million Christians. The more brutal version sees them blackmailed, robbed, expelled, abducted or even murdered.

Comming to a German city near you.
03:20 February 27, 2010 by farooqkifayat
State sponsored curriculums are not good for Islam .Islam has to be independent and uninfluenced by any organization.What good have university scholar done for christianity in germany. The spread of Islam in Germany is heart warming.And god willing will continue.We dont need any state sponsorships or dummy scholars new sects ,cults or twisting or remodeling of our perfect religion .
00:13 February 28, 2010 by kablammm
Your making a BIG mistake , Islam brings a couple things to your schools an your country - In Islam it is o.k to lie to infidels [thats you germany] if it can further the spread of the religion . so don't expect truth from any ''scholar'' of Islam , what you'll get is cunning an half truths . eventually you'll get the real truth/reality - violence an killing . there are enough websites out there for any one willing to study up on Islam an it's track record from its inception to present day reality . Islam has always brought death to the regions it has spread to . ''Radical Islam'' is not new . Islam was an is ''Radical'' from the moment their ''Prophet'' an supreme example of faith started killing . They will take any toehold they can get , any way they can get it , in any country they can get it . YOU'VE JUST BEEN WARNED . Luck won't help you.
01:11 February 28, 2010 by sc123
WHY WHY WHY GET MUHAMMAD OUT OF HERE. Islam is not peaceful like they say. Look at these stupid suicide bombers. God doesn't want you to kill each other. Convert Muslims!
05:03 February 28, 2010 by Prufrock2010
So German taxpayers should finance the spread of Islamic fundamentalism throughout academia? This is truly a mind-blowing proposition. It's as ridiculous as Obama expecting cooperation from Republicans. Don't you know that it is the intention of these jihadists to kill each and every one of you? Don't take it from me -- ask them.
14:09 February 28, 2010 by Eagle1
This is the functional equivalent of a Jewish community inviting Nazis to teach courses at its local school. Idiots.

The German pendulum has swung too far to the left, which is just as bad as being too far to the right. I hope that Germany does not have to pay a heavy price for that.
14:44 February 28, 2010 by Talonx

So, three options.

1.) Push all religions out of all schools and completely secularize society.

2.) Or, treat all religions equally.

3.) Open up to the idea of a creation of an ethnically homogenous sub-class (as exists in some extremeties in africa in both the Christian and Muslim versions)

I'm all for 1.), but as long as we aren't willing to do it, then I accept that 2.) is the next best option and will lead to 1.).
15:48 February 28, 2010 by Prufrock2010

There is no place in public education -- an expense borne by taxpayers -- for the teaching of any religion. That doesn't completely secularize society, it merely secularizes schools.

The framers of the U.S. constitution, for instance, recognized that imperative when they ratified the First Amendment, which was passed not to protect religion in society, but to protect society from religion. Unfortunately in the U.S., that concept has been seriously eroded by the "Christian" right wing fundamentalists, or the Christian Taliban as I prefer to call them. In any event, no secular government has any business using taxpayers' money to promote or teach religion in public schools. We have seen too many examples of what happens when a secular state become theocratic.
02:45 March 1, 2010 by Thames
@ Prufrock2110

I suggest you read the US Constitution again and the writings of the framers

If they so wanted to rid the United States of Relgion why did the individual states some even up until today required a belief in God to hold public office.

Swearing an oath in Court held no real threat to someone who didn't believe in God.

Here are some examples of so called secular states that supressed religion

France after the Revolution,Germany in the 1930s/40s, the Soviet Union, Communist China etc.

They killed more people than any religion ever could have.

Stalin made the Inqusition look like a day at the beach.

State Relgion is dangerous but societies that don't allow relgion a role are even more dangerous. In Germany it was the Catholic Church that lead the fight against the T4 Program among other National Solialist abuses.

As far as he Christian Taliban one can make a stronger argument that the Republican party hijacked the Christians and not the other way around.

If the Christian right was

so powerfull why is Abortion still legal in the US?

The real trick is for a society to allow religious expression without persecution of those who choose not to be. For hundreeds of yearsThe Christian Church in Europe has taught that the Church has its sphere of activity and the state its own sphere. It was the Church that built the schools, the hospitals and the Universities not the government. The government controled the military and law enforcement. However, the CHurch has never surrendered its rights and responsblity to speak out on issues of moral importance. That reason Islam is so dangerous is that in most countries where Islam is in the majority it refuses to allow the free exercise of religion and controls the government.
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