Smallest Karneval parade faces curtain call

Smallest Karneval parade faces curtain call
Keepin' it real for 54 years in Unna - Helmut Scherer. Photo: DPA
The party could soon be over for Germany’s smallest Karneval parade unless the town of Unna in North Rhine-Westphalia can find a replacement for its retiring merry jester.

Every Weiberfastnacht for the past 54 years, Helmut Scherer has pulled his little wagon around town to celebrate the beginning of Karneval. But he has announced that next year will be his final parade due to his advanced age.

“Next year is unfortunately the last time for me. But it’s the perfect time for it, since three lucky numbers are coming together – the year 2011, it will be my 55th parade and I’ll turn 77,” Scherer said.

Sadly, the one-man party has yet to find another Jeck, or jester, worthy of taking over his tradition. But the possibility Unna could soon be without its own Karneval parade won’t stop Scherer from rolling up in front of the town hall at 11:11 am this Thursday to celebrate the so-called “Fifth Season” of the year.

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