Police clear out protesting students

Police clear out protesting students
Photo: DPA
The directors of Munich's Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) asked the police to end a six-week student sit-in in one of their lecture halls. The students had previously accused the directors of starving them out.

According to the protestors, LMU president Bernd Huber appeared personally on Monday morning to ask the students to leave. He told them that their continued presence had made the situation intolerable for university staff.

Contrary to statements from a police spokesman, who said that the police were not used in the subsequent clear-out, eyewitnesses reported the presence of around 60 officers. The police spokesman stated that no charges had been pressed, and therefore the police could take part in the operation.

Many protesting students, who have been occupying lecture halls around the country since early November, had stayed in university buildings over the Christmas holidays. Some at LMU accused university president Huber of attempting to starve them out in the last few days by not allowing people back into the building.

The students are protesting against worsening study conditions, the problems with the new Bachelor’s degree, and university fees.

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