Bad service in German restaurants, new study finds

A new report released Saturday revealed there is considerable room for improvement in the service at German restaurant chains. Only three out of the eight chains tested managed to complete all orders correctly.

Bad service in German restaurants, new study finds
Photo: DPA

The study, carried out by the Hamburg-based German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ), found that the service personnel in many chains lacked basic competence.

“On average, the quality of service is only satisfactory,” said Markus Hamer, director of the DISQ, “In only three out of eight of the companies we tested were all the orders completed correctly.” According to the study, in one of the chains, seven out of ten orders were incomplete.

The DISQ tested eight well-known restaurant chains with table-service and at least 25 branches in Germany. The best of this bad crop was the steak restaurant Block House, followed by pork-based chain Schweinske and the Argentinian-style steak house Maredo. The last places went to Pizza Hut, Café Extrablatt und the chicken restaurant Wienerwald.

Hamer said there were particular deficiencies in the knowledge that service personnel had of the food they were serving. “Over half of the testers did not receive satisfactory information about ingredients and possible problems with allergies,” he said. But Hamer conceded that friendliness and short waiting times were generally good.

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