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The Local's English-language movie listings for Berlin

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14:14 CET+01:00
Find the latest movies in English playing in Berlin with The Local's cinema guide.


Britspotting – 10th British & Irish Film Festival

Babylon Mitte – Das Filmcafé

Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30, 1 01 78 Berlin

Tel. 0 30 – 24 25 969


In the Loop (minimum age: n/a)

Fri 7.30pm

Genova (minimum age: n/a)

Sun 8pm

Tue 8.15pm

A complete History of my Sexual Failures (minimum age: n/a)

Sat 8pm

Tue 8pm

All my Tomorrow’s Parties (minimum age: n/a)

Sat 9.45pm

Better Things (minimum age: n/a)

Sun 10pm

Tue 9.45pm

Colin (minimum age: n/a)

Sun 12am

The Hide (minimum age: n/a)

Sun 5pm

Tue 6.30pm

Not so Black or White + supporting film Identities (special, minimum age: n/a)

Sun 8.15pm

Mon 6pm

The Last Thakur (minimum age: n/a)

Sun 9.45pm

Wed 6.15pm

No Greater Love (minimum age: n/a)

Sun 4pm

Tue 6.15pm

Nothing Personal (minimum age: n/a)

Sun 6.30pm

Wed 8pm

Shifty (minimum age: n/a)

Fri 10.15pm

Mon 8pm

Sunday + supporting film Sleep Furiously (special, minimum age: n/a)

Sun 6pm

Wed 9.30pm

Soi Cowboy (minimum age: n/a)

Sun 5.45pm

Mon 9.45pm

Sounds like Teen Spirit (minimum age: n/a)

Sat 7.30pm

Wed 7.45pm

Waveriders (minimum age: n/a)

Sat 6pm

Mon 9.30pm

When Lightnin’ (minimum age: n/a)

Sat 9.15pm

Wed 6pm

Britspotting Anniversary Shorts (special, minimum age: n/a)

Sat 6pm

Three films by Vivienne Dick (special minimum age: n/a)

Staten Island

Guerillere Talks

Visibility Moderate

Sat 4pm

Memory of Berlin (special, minimum age: n/a)

Mon 6.30pm

Britspotting – 10th British & Irish Film Festival

Downstairskino – Das Filmcafé

Schliemannstr. 15, 1 04 37 Berlin

Tel. 0 30 – 81 01 90 50


Departures/ Outcasts (short movie, minimum age: n/a)

Fri 6.30pm

Sat 8.30pm

Wed 8pm

Twisted (short movie, minimum age: n/a)

Fri 8.30pm

Sun 10.30pm

Tue 8pm

Death and Other Fun Things To Do (short movie, minimum age: n/a)

Sat 10.30pm

Sun 8.30pm

Mon 10pm

Britspotting Anniversary Shorts (special, minimum age: n/a)

Sun 6.30pm

Mon 8pm

Wed 10pm

Experiments (special, short movie, minimum age: n/a)

Fri 10.30pm

Sat 6.30pm

Tue 10pm

CineStar Orignal Sony Center

Potsdamer Str. 4, 1 07 85 Berlin

Tel. 0 30 – 26 06 64 00

Tel. 24h reservation hotline 01805-11 88 11 (14 ct./min, mobile eventl. more expansive)


Law Abiding Citizen (minimum age: 16)

Wed 8pm

2012 (minimum age: 12)

Thu-Wed 5pm, 8.30pm

2012 (with intermission, minimum age: 12)

Thu, Fri, Sun, Tue, Wed 3.30pm, 7.30pm, 10pm

Sat 3.30pm, 7.30pm, 10.30pm

Mon 3.30pm, 7.30p

Capitalism: A Love Story (minimum age: 6)

Thu, Fri, Sun, Tue, Wed 7.35pm, 10.25pm

Sat & Mon 7.35pm

Hachiko: A Dog’s Story (no age restriction)

Thu-Fri & Sun-Tue 7pm

Sat 5pm

Wed 7.30pm

Love Happens (minimum age: 6)

Thu-Sun & Tue-Wed 2.45pm, 5.20pm, 8pm, 10.45pm

Mon 2.45pm, 5.20pm, 8pm

Couples Retreat (minimum age: 6)

Thu 5pm

Fri 5pm, 11.15pm

Sat-Sun & Tue-Wed 7.30pm, 10.15pm

Mon 8pm

Disney’s A Christmas Carol (minimum age: 12)

Thu-Wed 5.15pm

Looking for Eric (minimum age: 12)

Thu-Fri & Sun-Tue 9.15pm

Sat 10pm

Wed 9.30pm

The Informant (minimum age: 12)

Thu-Wed 5.05pm, 7.30pm

Michael Jackson’s This is it (minimum age: 6)

Thu & Wed 2.30pm, 5.15pm

Fri-Tue 2.30pm, 5.15pm, 8pm

(500) Days of Summer (no age restriction)

Thu-Fri 4.45pm

The Ugly Truth (minimum age: 12)

Sun-Tue 4.45pm

Up (no age restriction)

Sun 5pm

District 9 (minimum age: 16)

Thu, Sat, Sun, Tue, Wed 11.15pm

Inglourious Basterds (minimum age: 16)

Thu-Sun & Tue-Wed 10.30pm

Sneak Mystery Movie (minimum age: 18)

Thu 8pm

Central Kino – Berlin-Mitte

Rosenthaler Str. 39, 1 01 78 Berlin

Tel. 0 30 – 28 59 99 73


(500) Days of Summer (no age restriction)

Thu, Fri, Sun, Tue, Wed 5.30pm, 7.30pm, 9.30pm

Sat 5.30pm, 7.30pm

Mon 5.30pm, 9.30pm

Berlin Calling (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 12)

Thu-Wed 11.30pm

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