Berlin bans neo-Nazi group ‘Frontbann 1924’

Berlin bans neo-Nazi group 'Frontbann 1924'
File photo of Frontbann 1924 members at a rally. FPhoto: DPA
The city of Berlin’s Interior Minister Erhart Körting banned a neo-Nazi group on Thursday morning, as police simultaneously raided the homes of its members, daily Der Tagesspiegel reported.

Frontbann 24 is positioned “against the constitutional order and in violation of criminal law,” a statement from the Interior Ministry said, adding that the group shows an “affinity to national socialism.”

According to the paper, Körting has been reviewing a ban on the group for some months. It was founded with 30 members in October, 2008. Domestic intelligence agents believe the group’s name draws from a pre-Nazi party group founded in 1924 also called Frontbann, which they use as a “historic example” for symbolism and group structure.

The group became a key right-wing extremist organisation after two others – the Kameradschaft Tor Berlin (KTB) and the Berliner Alternative Süd-Ost (BASO) – were banned in 2005, the paper reported.

Most members have a neo-Nazi history and some are believed to be prone to violence.

Körting told Der Tagesspiegel that the ban is “against the background of a decisive fight against right-wing extremist efforts.”