Stinky German men ranked the world’s worst lovers

German men have been rated the worst lovers by a British survey of 15,000 women from 20 countries. The reason? The unwashed Teutonic romeos smell.

Stinky German men ranked the world's worst lovers
What's that smell, Karl-Heinz? Photo: DPA

The UK firm OnePoll asked the women what bothered them most about the lovers they’d had around the globe and had them rank the nationalities. And according to the findings, German men were just that – rank.

Apparently the ladies thought stinky German men should bathe more often before initiating a romantic encounter. Their overpowering stench pushed them to the top of the worst lover’s poll.

However, English men were second for being too lazy. Swedes came third for coming first – that is, for being too fast in bed. The Dutch followed as fourth for being too dominating and Americans rounded out the top five for being too rough.

Spaniards were deemed the world’s best lovers, followed by Brazilian men and Italians. The poll did not provide criteria on why the ladies considered them to be the best, however.

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