Organisers report rush on tickets for fourth-largest lotto jackpot

Organisers report rush on tickets for fourth-largest lotto jackpot
Photo: DPA
Thousands of hopeful Lotto players are rushing out to buy tickets for the Wednesday evening drawing of the fourth-biggest jackpot in Germany’s history.

The €30-million prize has drawn growing interest after lottery organisers announced they will distribute the jackpot whether or not a ticket holder wins all six numbers including “super number.”

“The crush is there,” said German Lotto spokesperson Klaus Sattler told news agency. “The demand is more than predicted.”

The jackpot has already pulled in €50 million in revenue across the country – some €20 million more than a normal Wednesday drawing.

Tickets cost €0.75, and players must choose six numbers between 1 and 49, in addition to an extra number and a “super number.” Lotto rules state that organisers must distribute a jackpot if it goes untapped after the thirteenth drawing. Winners fall into eight categories.

The drawing is on Wednesday evening at 6:50 pm on television broadcaster ZDF.

The highest Lotto jackpot on record was in December 2007 at €45 million when three players divided the sum. In October 2006 the pot was €38 million, and in January 2009 it hit €35 million.

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