Frozen pizza hankering costs man his driver’s licence

A frozen pizza craving cost a Cologne man €480 in fines and his driver’s licence after he barrelled through a speed trap on his way home to chow down, police announced Wednesday.

Frozen pizza hankering costs man his driver's licence
Just...ew. Photo: DPA

The 29-year-old was caught driving 117 kilometres per hour on Monday in the town of Bergisch Gladbach, just east of Cologne. The speed limit on the street he was on, Frankenforster Straße, is 50 kilometres per hour.

When the officers caught up with the driver, he told them he had just bought a frozen pizza he wanted to cook and eat as soon as possible.

In addition to the €480 in fines and four points docked from his driving record, police suspended the hungry man’s licence for three months – which means he’ll also have to pay for public transportation fares.

“Whether the pizza tasted good to him after this is not known,” the police statement concluded.

Germans ate 260,063 tonnes of frozen pizzas in 2008 alone, according to the German frozen food institute (DTI). That’s 790,465,046 frozen pizzas, or just under 10 whole frozen pizzas consumed by every man, woman and child in Germany.

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