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The Local · 26 Aug 2009, 14:28

Published: 26 Aug 2009 14:28 GMT+02:00

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Odeon Kino

Lultpoldstr. 25, 9 60 52 Bamberg

Tel. 09 51 – 2 70 24


Inglourious Basterds (minimum age: 16)

Thu-Mon 6.30pm, 9.05pm


Cinema München

Nymphenburger Str. 31, 8 03 35 Munich


Tel. 0 89 – 55 52 55


Carriers (minimum age: n/a)

Tue 8pm, 10.30pm

Chéri (minimum age: 6)

Thu 5pm

Fri 5.50pm

Sat 8.05

Sun 5pm

Mon 5.05pm

Final Destination: Death Trip (3D, minimum age: 18)

Wed 9.30pm

I Sell the Dead (minimum age: n/a)

Wed 5pm

Inglourious Basterds (minimum age: 16)

Thu 7.10pm

Fri 8pm

Sat 4.50pm, 10.15pm

Sun-Mon 7.15pm

Tue 3.50pm

It Might Get Loud (documentary, no age restriction)

Sat 2.40pm

Tue 1.45pm

My Sister’s Keepers (minimum age: 12)

Thu 2.45pm

Sun 2.40pm

The Brothers Bloom (minimum age: 12)

Thu 10.15pm

Fri 3.30pm

Sun 10.25pm

Mon 10.20pm

Wasting Away (minimum age: n/a)

Wed 11.30pm

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (minimum age: 12)

Sat 11.50am

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (3D, no age restriction)

Fri 1.30pm

Sneak Preview (minimum age: n/a)

Fri 11.15pm


Roxy Fremdpsrachenkino

Julius Loßmann-Str. 116, 9 04 69 Nuremberg


Tel. 09 11 – 4 88 40


Inglourious Basterds (minimum age: 12)

Thu-Fri 5.30pm, 8.30pm

Sat-Sun 5.45pm, 8.30pm

Mon-Tue 8.30pm

Wed 6pm, 8.30pm

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (minimum age: 16)

Thu-Sun 6.30pm

The Hangover (minimum age: 12)

Thu-Fri 5pm, 8.45pm

Sat-Sun 4pm, 8.45pm

Mon-Wed 8.45pm

Mamma Mia (no age restriction)

Sun 2pm

Wed 6.15pm

Public Enemies (minimum age: 12)

Sat-Tue 6pm

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (minimum age: 12)

Tue 6pm

Vicky Christina Barcelona (minimum age: 6)

Sun 2.15pm

Mon 6.15pm

Cine Citta

Gewerbemuseumsplatz 3, 9 04 03 Nuremberg


Tel. 09 11 – 20 66 66


Chéri (minimum age: 6)

Thu-Wed 4.30pm, 8.30pm

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra (minimum age: 16)

Fri 2.40pm

Brüno (minimum age: 16)

Thu & Sat-Mon 10.30pm

Black Dynamite (minimum age: 18)

Sun 7.15pm

The Case (minimum age: 18)

Wed 7pm

Giallo (minimum age: 18)

Tue 5pm

Largo Winch (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Wed 7pm

New Town Killers (minimum age: 18)

Wed 11.45pm

Paintball (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Tue 11.30pm

Polytechnique (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Wed 5.15pm

In the Electric Mist (minimum age: 18)

Wed 6pm

Shinjuku Incident (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Wed 9.15pm

The Children (minimum age: 18)

Tue 3pm

Wed 11.45pm

The Tournament (minimum age: 18)

Wed 3pm

Vampyrer (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Tue 3.15pm

Van Diemen’s Land (minimum age: 18)

Tue 9.15pm

The Sky Crawlers (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Wed 4.45pm

The Sniper (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Wed 2.45pm

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (minimum age: 18)

Sun 5pm

Carriers (minimum age: 18)

Thu 8pm

Coffin Rock (minimum age: 18)

Sun 3pm

District 13: Ultimatum (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Sat 5pm

District 9 (minimum age: 18)

Sat 7.15pm

Doghouse (minimum age: 18)

Thu 10.30pm

Dread (minimum age: 18)

Sat 3pm

Grace (minimum age: 18)

Mon 11pm

I Sell the Dead (minimum age: 18)

Sun 3pm

Idiots and Angels (minimum age: 18)

Sun 1pm

Infestation (minimum age: 18)

Sat 9.45pm

IP Man (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Sun 9.30pm

K-20: Legend of the Mask (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Mon 2.30pm

Lake Mungo (minimum age: 18)

Mon 5pm

Lesbian Vampire Killers (minimum age: 18)

Sun 7.15pm

Moon (minimum age: 18)

Fri 7pm

Mutants (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Mon 9.15pm

Newsmakers (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Mon 5pm

Orphan (minimum age: 18)

Story continues below…

Fri 9.15pm

Prime Time (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Sat 11.40pm

Push (minimum age: n/a)

Sat 1pm

Red Cliff (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Fri 11.45pm

Sat 12.15pm

Tell Tale (minimum age: 18)

Sun 1pm

The Disappeared (minimum age: 18)

Mon 3pm

Final Destination: Death Trip (minimum age: 18)

Sun 9.30pm

The House of the Devil (minimum age: n/a)

Fri 11.45pm

The Killing Room (minimum age: 18)

Fri 5pm

The Thaw - Frozen (minimum age: 18)

Sun 11.45pm

Trick’r Treat (minimum age: 16)

Mon 7.15pm

Wasting Away (minimum age: n/a)

Fri 5pm

Sat 11.45pm

Blood: The Last Vampire (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 18)

Tue 7.15pm


Corso Cinema International

Hauptstr. 6, 7 05 36 Stuttgart


Tel. 07 11 – 73 49 16


Inglourouis Basterds (minimum age: 16)

Thu-Wed 6pm, 8.55pm

G.I. Joe – Rise of Cobra (minimum age: 12)

Fri 9.30pm

Sat-Sun 3.40pm, 9.30pm

Mon-Wed 5.30pm, 9.30pm

The Proposal (no age restriction)

Fri & Mon-Wed 7.35pm

Sat-Sun 1.50pm, 7.35pm

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (minimum age: 6)

Thu 8.35pm

Fri-Sun 5pm

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (minimum age: 6)

Sat-Sun 1.45pm

17 Again (no age restriction)

Thu 6.20pm

Fri 4pm

Sat-Sun 3.20pm

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Today's headlines
Anger as Berlin scraps 'Armenia genocide' concert in Turkey
The Dresden Symphony Orchestra. Photo: DPA

Germany's foreign ministry Tuesday scrapped a planned symphony performance on the Armenian "genocide" in its Istanbul consulate, sparking accusations that it was caving in to Turkish pressure.

Obama to visit Berlin in last presidential trip to Germany
President Barack Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel during a Berlin trip in 2013. Photo: DPA.

The White House announced on Tuesday that US President Barack Obama will be paying one last unexpected visit to the German capital - his last before he leaves office.

Hostility towards minorities 'widespread in Bavaria'
A village in southern Bavaria. Photo: DPA.

Hate and hostility towards groups deemed to be different are not just sentiments felt by fringe extremists, a new report on Bavaria shows.

Hated RB Leipzig emerge as shock challengers to Bayern
RB Leipzig. Photo: DPA

RB Leipzig's remarkable unbeaten start to the Bundesliga season has seen them suddenly emerge at the head of the pack chasing reigning champions and league leaders Bayern Munich.

Munich taxi driver in hospital after attack by British tourists
Photo: DPA

A taxi driver had to be hospitalized in Munich on Monday evening after three British tourists refused to pay their fare and then attacked him.

German police carry out nationwide anti-terror raids
Police outside a building in Jena during raids on Tuesday. Photo: DPA

Police forces in five German states carried out raids on Tuesday morning with the aim of tackling the financing of terror groups, police in Thuringia have reported.

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10 ways German completely messes up your English
Photo: DPA

So you've mastered German, but now it's time to learn English all over again.

Iconic German church being eroded away by human urine
Ulm Minster towering over the rest Ulm surrounding the Danube. Photo: Pixabay

It will now cost you €100 to spend a penny. That’s if you get caught choosing to pee against the world-famous Ulm Minster.

German small arms ammo exports grow ten-fold
Photo: DPA

The government has come in for criticism after new figures revealed that Germany exported ten times the quantity of small arms ammunition in the first half of 2016 as in the same period last year.

14-year-old stabs 'creepy clown' in prank gone wrong
File photo: DPA.

A 16-year-old in Berlin decided he wanted to scare some friends, but his plot backfired in a violent way.

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