Man charged with camping site bloodbath

Man charged with camping site bloodbath
Photo: DPA
Prosecutors charged a 33-year-old man from Cologne with murder on Monday, one day after he allegedly used a samurai sword to slay three people at a Coesfeld camping ground.

The man’s 10-month-old baby girl was the only survivor of the brutal bloodbath that left his 29-year-old ex-girlfriend and her parents dead.

Apparently the man became enraged following a dispute about paternity and alimony payments, leading to violence around 3:00 am on Sunday morning at the camping site near the German-Dutch border.

Police said he had denied the killings, but they found an arsenal of weapons in his car, including a samurai sword, a strangulation wire and several other knives. The man also had light injuries to the face and there were blood stains on the sword and his clothing.

Witnesses have compared the crime scene to a horror film and a man at the camping site said he found a woman screaming: “We’ve all been stabbed. He’s still here.”

The man cautiously opened the door to the cabin whereupon “it was wrenched violently open and a masked man stood silently in front of the door,” according to the police statement. The killer was chased away with a stick but by the time doctors arrived at the scene, the 53-year-old woman, her 55-year-old husband and their daughter were all dead.

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