Uniform fetishist banned from Bielefeld police stations

Uniform fetishist banned from Bielefeld police stations
Photo: DPA
A woman in Bielefeld has been banned from all city police stations after she took revenge on the department for not returning her romantic interest, a spokesman said Thursday.

The 45-year-old is known to police, as is her particularly strong attraction to their uniforms, Bielefeld spokesman Martin Schultz told The Local.

“This attraction to the uniform is just something we have to deal with as part of the job,” Schultz said. “She is certainly known to us. She used to keep a constant watch on her favourite police stations.”

He added that it never seemed that she had an interest in a particular officer and did not discriminate between the old green uniforms or the new blue duds Bielefeld police have been sporting recently.

The Gadderbaum precinct was one of her favourite posts due to its proximity to her home. But when her admiration went unrequited, her love turned to scorn and she jammed the locks of the station with wooden splinters.

Gadderbaum police have called a locksmith twice since Monday to get into their offices, Schultz said, adding that she has also lit garbage containers on fire in an effort to get the uniformed men’s attention.

Police finally caught the woman in the act after an early-morning sting operation on Wednesday, when they kept watch of their door until she showed up, splinters in hand.

Police issued a citation and told the woman to stay away from all police stations in the area. She has a history of mental illness and lives in an assisted living facility near the Gadderbaum precinct. Her caregiver was also informed of the incidents.

All was well at the Gadderbaum office after the sting, but Schultz said it’s too soon to tell if the warning actually worked.

“She’s very persistent, so we’ll just have to wait and see,” he said.

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