Southern German industry hardest hit by global recession

Southern German industry hardest hit by global recession
Unemployed workers headed to the job office. Photo: DPA
Southern Germans are suffering more from the economic crisis than their fellow citizens in the North and East, according to daily Passauer Neue Presse on Thursday.

Southern states, which depend heavily on traditional, export-driven industries such as car, machine and chemical manufacturing, have been hardest hit by the global downturn, according to a survey released to the paper by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (BVW).

Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg have been especially battered.

”The north and east of the country have not been hit as hard by the effects of the crisis,” the study said.

The BVW looked at trends in unemployment benefits, the number of workers cut back to part-time hours and job vacancy ads to create a ”crisis-risk index” and paint a picture of the effects of the crisis across the country.

Bavaria’s capital city Munich, which has a population of more than 1.3 million, was the only part of the state to be spared the worst of the crisis, the survey found.

On the whole, traditional industries that rely on exports were in the greatest danger, in addition to big auto manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, machine parts-makers and chemical manufacturers.

”The crisis-risk index is therefore very high in classic auto-industry regions such as Wolfsburg or Böblingen. The same is the case for the chemical industry-dependent city Ludwigshafen,” the study said.

Least-affected were the service, health, public, food and pharmaceutical sectors, the paper said.

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