Most Germans want grand coalition to end

A new survey says that 56 percent of Germans have had enough of the ruling coalition of Germany’s two biggest parties.

Most Germans want grand coalition to end
Photo: DPA

The current coalition government of centre-right Christian Democrats (CDU) and centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) is proving increasingly unpopular, a study published in Saturday’s edition of the Frankfurter Rundschau found.

Only 37 percent of Germans would like to see the present constellation continue. Similar disaffection with the current situation is evident within the parties themselves. 53 percent of SPD members and 51 percent of CDU members are against a continuation of the current government.

The coalition was a forced marriage of the two main competing parties following the 2005 election, which saw neither party able to amass a parliamentary majority with one of its preferred allies.

The impression of a necessary evil has clearly not been altered by the performance of the government in the intervening legislation period. 502 people took part in the survey.

Angela Merkel’s approval rating as Chancellor remains strong however, with a recent survey by broadcaster ZDF finding her still unchallenged as Germany’s most popular politician.

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