UK Conservative leader makes Nazi gaffe

UK Conservative leader makes Nazi gaffe
Photo: DPA
David Cameron, the leader of Britain’s opposition Conservative Party, unsettled a discussion about ID cards in the UK by adopting a fake German accent on Monday evening.

In a mock voice apparently attempting to mimic a Nazi officer, Cameron asked an audience in Norwich: “Ver are yoor papers? Now who wants to live in a country like that?”

Cameron was criticising a planned initiative by the Labour government to introduce national identity cards for all British residents.

His routine was reminiscient of a comedy skit performed by former Monty Python member, John Cleese, in his 1970s television show, Fawlty Towers.

In one episode, Cleese speaks in a fake German accent in front of a group of German tourists and marches around like cartoon Nazi, mentioning “the war” in every sentence.

Though the British press remains fixated on Germany’s World War II history, members of the audience were not amused by the potential prime minister’s words.

One woman raised her hand and told the Conservative leader, “I wonder about the wisdom of you adopting a German accent.”

“It was meant to be light-hearted,” was Cameron’s reply.

Light-hearted banter or xenophobia unbefitting a future prime minister? View Cameron’s controversial comments below:

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