Bavarian sets world record in speed smooching

A 31-year-old Bavarian man, Michael Basting, set a new world record in speed kissing on Friday by smooching 111 women in one minute at an event in Berlin.

Bavarian sets world record in speed smooching
Photo: DPA

The web designer who works at a dating portal broke the existing record of 96 kisses in a minute held by an Australian, according to the organizers of the event on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm shopping boulevard on Friday evening.

It’s the first time that a German has won the Guinness World Record in the discipline, they added in a statement.

The organizers said that Basting had practised rigorously for months for the event. A spokeswoman Martina Wagner said Basting had organized practice kissing sessions in his office but an insufficient number of colleagues meant that he had to run back and forth between kisses, in violation of strict Guinness World Record rules.

Wagner added that the rules dictate that the kiss has to land “somewhere on the face” to be counted.

Basting said he had discovered that kissing on the cheek was the easiest and quickest tactic.

“It’s important that the women stand close together, bend forward slightly and hold out their cheek,” he told newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine before the competition. “I have to be careful that I don’t stumble over any feet and don’t lose my pace.”

On Friday, Basting gathered 120 women in Berlin – among them reportedly several tourists – for the smooch fest on a pavement in front of a discotheque. The competition was judged by a Berlin police officer and a teacher among others.

“I really didn’t think of anything,” Basting said after the winning kisses.

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