Drunk policewoman kills man in hit-and-run

Drunk policewoman kills man in hit-and-run
Photo: DPA
A drunk off-duty policewoman ran over a pedestrian and left him to die, German daily Bild reported on Monday.

Following an evening out last Friday, the 31-year-old policewoman hit a 53-year-old man as he was crossing the road. He was thrown against the wall of a house by the impact, and died from his injuries at the scene in Freigericht, Hesse. The policewoman, who works at Frankfurt-am-Main airport, did not stop at the scene of the accident.

Law enforcement officers closed the road, took samples from the crime scene and gave out a profile of the car they were looking for. Four hours later a Gelnhausen police station called investigators to say that a women had come to turn herself in, accompanied by a lawyer.

Relatives of the deceased man laid flowers, candles and a poem at the scene of the accident. The policewoman’s colleagues would not reveal how much alcohol was in her blood, how fast she was travelling or why she had not stopped at the scene.