Germans eat three more eggs for Easter

Germany was hit by eggs-traordinary news on Saturday morning as it was revealed that they consume an average of three more eggs per person in the Easter month.

Germans eat three more eggs for Easter
Photo: DPA

According to a new survey published by the Zentrale Markt- und Preisberichtstelle (ZMP), an institute that monitors agriculture and food market trends, Germans eat an average of 11 to 12 eggs in whichever month the Easter holiday falls.

The ZMP also found that the sale of pre-boiled and pre-coloured eggs also rises if Easter falls later in the year, since this lengthens the time that retailers are able to offer the Easter specialities.

In general, the demand for pre-boiled eggs has also risen in Germany: the ZMP says that this new product for the lazy means that egg-sales rose by 8 percent in Germany in the past year.

According to animal protection agency PETA, more industrially-farmed eggs are sold over Easter, as the supply of free-range ‘bio’ eggs does not cover the Easter egg consumption surge. In general, PETA believes that only a small percentage of ‘bio’ eggs are produced under satisfactory conditions.