Border checks resume for NATO summit

Border checks resume for NATO summit
Photo: DPA
Anyone crossing into Germany or France beginning on Friday should not forget their passport. Border controls have been reinstated ahead of next week's NATO summit.

Such checks have long been done away with within the Schengen area – which includes 25 European countries – but police will be checking identification for a short while prior to the April 3 and 4 summit.

Travellers will also be subject to border controls at ports. Officers will attempt to get people back on their way as quickly as possible, though they can’t rule out long waits.

“Those going into the Czech Republic won’t be bothered,” head of the Rosenheim police force Ernst Peter told the Bavarian daily Die Abendzeitung. “Our main focus is those travelling into Germany and France.”

Police will check the border traffic in samples and ask that all travellers carry their passports until April 5.

“The checks aim to stop the travel of those who could be dangerous to the meetings in Germany and France,” Peter said.