Holiday postcard arrives in Bavaria 48 years late

A holiday postcard from Austria has arrived for a woman in Bavaria some 48 years after it was sent, German mail service Deutsche Post said on Tuesday.

Holiday postcard arrives in Bavaria 48 years late
Photo: DPA

“The delivery probably got stuck at the international postal exchange between Austria and Germany,” a Deutsche Post spokesperson said. “The card was with us for a maximum of two or three days.”

In 1961, a 24-year-old man on vacation in Austria sent the postcard to his 19-year-old work colleague in Unterschleißheim, local paper Münchner Merkur reported.

The woman, who now lives in Sweden, was informed by her family in Germany that the holiday greetings had finally arrived. The 72-year-old did not initially remember her former colleague, but has since been in contact with him, the paper said.