Naked German tourist goes for a walk in Dubai

Naked German tourist goes for a walk in Dubai
Heat, dust, steel...what more could you want? Oh, freedom. Photo: DPA
Dubai police have detained a German tourist for taking a stroll in the buff, German officials told The Local on Tuesday.

The naked man shocked bystanders in the Arab country by walking outside the Diera City Centre mall on Saturday afternoon, but police soon arrived to pick him up after a resident reported the incident.

“It seems quite clear that we are dealing with a mental disorder,” Martin Tscherner, vice-consul at the German Consulate in Dubai, told The Local. “But combined with the heat in Dubai, it seems to have led to this scene.”

Temperatures have reportedly been reaching a very humid 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) in the United Arab Emirates city recently.

A bystander told local Gulf News that the nude man appeared to be “ordinary,” and “did not interact with anyone.”

The man will not be prosecuted, Tscherner said. “Police have been very forthcoming and are treating this as a medical case,” he said.

Tscherner said he had been to visit the man in the hospital, adding that he appears to be in good health, but said officials are still trying to locate his passport.

The man, in his 40s, will be returned to Germany when doctors clear him for travel, Tscherner said.