Majority of Germans support stricter gun control

One week after the deadly school massacre in Winnenden, a poll released on Wednesday shows an overwhelming majority of Germans support stricter gun control.

Majority of Germans support stricter gun control
Photo: DPA

Some 72 percent of those surveyed by pollster Emind for news channel N24 backed stricter gun laws and 69 percent said violent video games should be banned. But only 39 percent demanded better security at schools.

However, the figures reversed when only younger Germans were surveyed. Some 63 percent of youths also broadly supported more gun control. But only 36 percent believed banning shooter video games made sense and 60 percent thought schools needed better security.

Another poll released on Wednesday by Stern magazine showed 59 percent of Germans supported banning storage of firearms and ammunition in private households.

The teenage gunman from Winnenden took an unsecured nine-millimetre pistol from his father’s bedroom before shooting 15 people and killing himself last week.

The German parliament is to discuss possible consequences of the massacre – which left 16 people dead – later on Wednesday.