Winter weather to return just in time for first day of spring

Winter weather to return just in time for first day of spring
NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo.......! Photo: DPA
Just when spring seemed to be peering over the horizon, Old Man Winter is apparently scheduled for another visit this week, the German Weather Service (DWD) reported on Monday.

Friday is the first official day of spring, but Arctic winds are due to bring night frost, chilly winds and even snow to some parts of the country as early as Tuesday, DWD meteorologist Jens Hoffmann said.

Thick cloud cover should begin making its way from north to south on Tuesday, bringing rain to eastern and southeastern parts of the country, with altitudes above 700 to 1100 metres seeing possible snow. The western half of the country can expect a few rain drops, with temperatures rising to seven degrees Celsius on the islands in the north and 14 degrees in Oberrheingraben in southwestern Germany.

By Tuesday night, temperatures will have decreased to four degrees Celsius in coastal areas and minus three degrees in some hilly regions.

Wednesday should be mostly precipitation-free with partly cloudy skies throughout most of the country, the DWD reported.

Conditions are expected remain disappointing on Thursday, with temperatures oscillating between two and eight degrees, except in the west and southwest where temperatures could climb as high as 10 degrees Celsius.