Police call other police to aid injured woman

Police called to an emergency in a Berlin bar arrived to find the call had come from another set of officers who considered the crime scene outside their jurisdiction, authorities reported on Friday.

Police call other police to aid injured woman
How many policemen does it take to make a phone call?? Photo: DPA

As the officers of police department 1 arrived at the bar in the Wedding district on Thursday afternoon, they found colleagues from police department 3 waiting for them outside. They informed the newly-arrived officers that there was a woman inside who wanted to report a bodily injury to police department 1, a statement said.

“Because they didn’t feel they were responsible for the crime scene, the officers alarmed the ‘responsible’ colleagues and decided against taking the woman’s details or checking her physical condition,” the statement said.

But the newly-arrived officers found that the 49-year-old woman was in need of medical attention and immediately called the fire brigade to bring her to a hospital.

These officers have since filed charges against their negligent colleagues for failure to render assistance. The chief of police department 3 has also initiated disciplinary measures against the two officers, the statement said.