Monster pig terrifies Hessian motorists

A “monster pig” broke out of its pen in the middle of the night and blocked traffic near Alsfeld because drivers were too frightened to get out of their cars and move the sow, police in the state of Hesse said on Wednesday.

Monster pig terrifies Hessian motorists
A file photo of an enormous pig. Oink! Photo: DPA

“Several witnesses called around 10 pm and a patrol car was there fairly quickly,” police spokesperson Elvira Edt told The Local.

Giving new meaning to the phrase “road hog,” callers said they’d seen a “monster pig” that was so big it was blocking the motorway and jamming traffic.

Police officers were able to persuade the 200-kilogramme (440-pound) swine away from the road, but then had to find its owner. After what they called a “painstaking search,” police stood waiting with the sassy sow until the owner came to pick her up.

“She was about 3 kilometres from home and they obviously weren’t going to go tramping through the countryside looking for the pen,” Edt told The Local.