Twin KaDeWe robbery suspects headed to Berlin jail

Twin KaDeWe robbery suspects headed to Berlin jail
Photo: DPA
The twin brother suspects in the KaDeWe jewellery heist will be brought to Berlin on Tuesday where they will be held and interrogated, one of their lawyers told daily Berliner Zeitung.

Abbas and Hassan O. will be held in the city’s Moabit district. Abbas is on his way from Lüneburg and Hassan is coming from Hannover, the lawyer told the paper.

The two were arrested last Wednesday at a gaming hall in the Lower Saxony town of Rotenburg. According to the paper, police found the men based on a DNA trace left by one of the suspects who is already registered in police records.

“The clue is definite,” one investigator told the paper. “It was enough to get a warrant.”

The 27-year-old twins are suspects in the sensational jewellery robbery at Germany’s most famous department store, the KaDeWe in Berlin. In what has been described as one of the most spectacular heists in post-war German history, thieves used a ladder to climb onto a projecting roof on the Ansbacherstrasse side of the grand old store on January 25. They relieved the massive shopping paradise of €6 million in jewellery and luxury watches.

CCTV evidence suggests that three masked men then took their loot in two stages, using the projecting roof to store the valuables while they returned to get more. Police are still trying to work out why no alarms were triggered during the robbery.

Last week daily Berliner Morgenpost reported that the two come from a Lebanese family in Lower Saxony that is related to a large “clan” in Berlin that may have connections to the “red light scene.” They may have been involved in past robberies and drug dealing, and one twin is rumoured to have been a dealer for Viagra pills, the Berliner Zeitung reported on Tuesday.

One relative was apparently involved in a hit and run accident that killed an elderly tourist. The relative later died in a police chase, Berliner Morgenpost reported.