Two winners split country’s third-largest lottery jackpot

Two winners from the states of Bavaria and Lower Saxony will share Germany’s third-largest Lotto jackpot of €35 million, Toto Lotto announced on Monday.

Two winners split country's third-largest lottery jackpot
Photo: DPA

Each will take home €17.5 million in prize money, the Baden-Württemberg state- owned company said.

The two winners picked the numbers that came up during Saturday’s lottery drawing in a huge jackpot that had Germans racing to corner stores to buy tickets in a country worried about a worsening recession.

Another twelve players from around the country will take home a combined sum of €424,000, the lottery company said.

The Lotto drawing brought in some €127.3 million into state coffers in the last week – 50 percent more than the previous week.

The 11-drawing jackpot began growing on December 20, with odds growing to 1 in 140 million by Saturday. If there had been no winners this weekend, the jackpot would have been mandatorily dropped after the thirteenth drawing.

A nurse won Germany’s largest-ever lotto jackpot of €37.6 million in October 2006.

This week’s winning numbers were 7, 9, 11, 14, 17 and 31.