KaDeWe jewellery heist remains a mystery

KaDeWe jewellery heist remains a mystery
Photo: DPA
Fifty-six clues, but no leads. One week after a spectacular jewellery robbery in Germany’s most famous department store, the KaDeWe in Berlin, the police are still in the dark, authorities said Sunday.

Dozens of clues have since been uncovered or submitted, the police reported, but as yet no decisive leads have turned up.

Christ, the store on the ground floor that was relieved of up to €6 million in jewellery and luxury wristwatches last Saturday night, reopened on Wednesday.

In what is being described as one of the most spectacular heists in post-war German history, it has emerged that the thieves used a ladder to climb onto a projecting roof on the Ansbacherstrasse side of the grand old store.

CCTV evidence suggests that the three masked men then took their loot in two stages, using the projecting roof to store the valuables while they returned to get more. Police are still trying to work out why no alarms were triggered during the robbery.