Frigid weather headed to Germany from Russia

Frigid weather headed to Germany from Russia
Frosty boats in the northern coastal town of Warnemünde on Thursday. Photo: DPA
High pressure system Friederike is blowing icy air toward northeast Europe from Russia, bringing temperatures as low as -13 degrees Celsius (8.5 degrees Fahrenheit) and a chance of snow to Germany this weekend, the German Weather Service (DWD) reported on Friday.

Russia is currently suffering temperatures of -36 degrees Celsius and Germany will only get a taste of that brutal deep freeze, the DWD said from its headquarters in Offenbach.

While western and southern Germany will for the most part enjoy clear and crisp weather on Saturday, light snow is possible in northern and eastern Germany. High temperatures will only reach a chilly 3 degrees Celsius, but residents can be thankful that wind chill won’t be much of a factor, the DWD said.

On Sunday, only southern Germany will remain clear as heavy cloud cover rolls into the rest of the country bringing even chillier temperatures and snow showers. Daytime highs will drop to between -6 and -1 degrees Celsius, with nighttime temperatures reaching as low as -13 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile beating a case of the Mondays will be made more difficult by continued cloudy skies and snow expected in the Rhineland region. Low temperatures will reach a frigid -2 degrees Celsius.

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