What’s on in Germany: January 29 – February 4

This Week's Highlights: A night of fashion and rock and roll in Berlin, a fairy tale extravaganza in Hamburg, and The Simpsons go under the microscope in Munich.

What's on in Germany: January 29 - February 4
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Fashion Rock Night

It’s Fashion Week in Berlin. After catching a few of the shows over on Babelplatz Saturday, dress up like Beyoncé and head over to Fashion Rock Night in Friedrichshain. Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s Ve’cel line will be shown alongside Jay-Z’s Rocawear.

Price: €35

Location: West Coast Customs, Revaler Strasse 99

Times: Saturday, January 31, 10pm

Phone: 030 29 77 39 34

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Walter Gropius’ Travel Photos

On his first trip to America, the great German architect Walter Gropius, strolled over the Brooklyn Bridge, gazed up at skyscrapers, and witnessed an American Indian dance ceremony in Arizona. See the photographs he took during his travels, as well as a collection of historic images that document the building of New York City landmarks such as Presbyterian Hospital. But go soon, because the exhibition ends Monday.

Price: €6-7

Location: Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum für Gestaltung, Klingelhöferstrasse 14

Times: Wednesday – Monday, 10am-5pm; through February 2

Phone: 030 2540020

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The Long Night of the Museums

Once again over 100 of Berlin’s museums fling open their doors for an extensive evening of art and culture. Decide on a route and hop on one of five shuttle buses that head off in five different directions from the Berliner Rathaus. If you’ve got your heart set on the Museum of the Blind, the Botanical Gardens, and the Planetarium (it is after all the International Year of Astronomy), get yourself to Rathaus Steglitz S/U Bahnhof. Shuttle Bus 6 passes by every 30 minutes.

Price: €15, €12 if purchased in advance

Location: Berliner Rathaus, Rathausstrasse 15

Times: Saturday, January 31, 6pm

Tickets:030 247 49 88

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Parent/Child Acrobatics

You and your kid could totally be the next acrobatic wonder duo! Professionals from Cologne’s Zirkus und Artistikzentrum (ZAK) teach balancing and tumbling tricks that will at least impress your friends and family, if not Cirque du Soleil.

Price: €33 for one child and one adult

Location: ZAK Zirkus und Artistikzentrum Köln, An der Schanz 6

Times: Sunday, February 1, 11am-2pm; Next Sessions March 8 and May 17

Phone: 0221 702 1678

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Der Müde Tod

Sculptures, paintings, drawings, projections, murals, and sound installations combine in a work of dramatic art loosely based on the 1921 Fritz Lang/Thea von Harbou film Der Müde Tod. Artists Astrid Sourkova and Markus Selg create an audience-accessible set where the role of actors is assumed by the artworks.

Price: Free

Location: Kai 10 Raum für Kunst, Kaistrasse 10

Times: Tuesday – Saturday, 12-5pm; through March 28

Phone: 0211 99 434 130

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Portikus Looks At Itself

American artist and filmmaker Morgan Fisher reacts to Portikus’ unusually high exhibition space, by duplicating the windows, doors, and catwalk on its upper part, to its lower part, creating an architectural reflection. Pop into the opening party Friday night.

Price: Free

Location: Portikus, Alte Brücke 2 Maininsel

Times: Opening, Friday, January 30, 8pm; Regular hours, Tuesday – Sunday, 11am-6pm, Wednesday 11pm-8pm; through March 15

Phone: 069 962 44 540

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The Night of Culture

Some people like to invite a little culture into their live every now and then, others prefer to get a great big dose of it all at once. For those of you with leanings toward the latter, head to Hamburg’s Delphi Showpalast Friday night when Arab singers join West African drummers, Bolivian dancers, and a DJ set that traverses the music of the globe.

Price: €19-21

Location: Delphi Showpalast, Eimsbütteler Chaussee 5

Times: Friday, January 30, 6pm

Tickets: 040 43 18 600

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Into the Woods

The English department at Hamburg University has their own theatre group known as University Players. This season the talented company of actors puts on Stephen Sondheim’s fairy tale bonanza Into the Woods. Take the whole family and be enchanted by an amusing cast that includes everyone from Snow White to Rapunzel.

Price: €12, €5 Students

Location: Audimax, Hamburg University, Von-Melle-Park 4

Times: Thursday, January 29 – Saturday, January 31, 7:30pm

Tickets: 040 42838 4852

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Gregor Samsa

Though Champ Bennett and Nikki King are the only two consistent members of a line-up that has seen over thirty people come and go, this Brooklyn-based band, named after a Kafka character, has been able to remain consistent with their touring and musical output. Their latest album Rest is full of lovely dreamlike passages. See them Friday at Orangehouse.

Price: €12

Location: Orangehouse, Hansastrasse 41

Times: Friday, January 30, 8pm

Phone: 089 724 880

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La Belle et la Bête

Philip Glass knows how to build dramatic tension. See the composer’s operatic adaptation of Jean Cocteau’s classic film La Belle et la Bête Wednesday night.

Price: €5.50-54.50

Location: Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, Gärtnerplatz 3

Times: Wednesday, February 4, 7:30-9pm

Phone: 089 21 85 19 60

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The Simpsons and American Society

Matt Groening’s genius TV series The Simpsons has been on the air for a remarkable twenty years, camouflaging clever observances of pop culture with Homer’s goofy antics. On Wednesday, Dr. Markus Hünemörder will help you to see beyond The Simpsons‘ slapstick facade, and delve deeper into the social and political satire that is so abundant in each wonderful episode.

Price: Free

Location: Amerika Haus, Karolinenplatz 3

Times: Wednesday, February 4, 7-9pm

Registration: 089 55 25 37 20 or [email protected]

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