Germany hikes aid to Afghanistan

Germany will give an additional €2.6 million in aid to Afghanistan this winter to help residents in rural provinces, the Foreign Ministry reported on Monday.

Germany hikes aid to Afghanistan
Photo: DPA

The Germany embassy in Kabul has coordinated the funding for “Task Force Winter Help” in places like the northern province of Takhar, where 1,100 households will have a chance to earn income through rebuilding streets – which will also improve access to local markets, the Foreign Ministry said.

The sum of Germany’s emergency aid this winter will reach €7.4 million, which includes donations to the United Nations refugee initiative, the UNHCR, and another €4.8 million to the Red Cross.

Planning for the winter task force, which began in November, is headed by German Ambassador Werner Hans Lauk and includes close contact and coordination with locally based German aid organisations.

Germany has given more some €85 million in humanitarian aid and landmine removal projects in Afghanistan since 2001, the Foreign Ministry added.