Elderly German woman kidnapped from tour in Mali

Elderly German woman kidnapped from tour in Mali
A file photo of a tour bus in Mali. Photo: DPA
A German woman has been kidnapped along with a Swiss couple and a British man in Mali, the website of newsmagazine Der Spiegel reported late on Thursday.

Two cars were highjacked in the border region between Mali and Niger midday on Thursday, probably by nomadic Tuareg people who may have fled with one of the cars and its passengers into the desert, security forces in the region told the magazine. Shots were fired but no one was injured.

“The Foreign Ministry and the embassy in Bamako believe that a German citizen has been missing since midday in Mali and they are trying to quickly clarify the situation,” a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry told news agency DDP.

The woman was on a guided tourist trip and is believed to be 75-years-old and from the German state of Hesse, Der Spiegel reported.

The other car on the tour has since been secured.