Flu bug infecting northern Germany

Flu bug infecting northern Germany
Photo: DPA
A wave of influenza has hit nothern Germany with a vengence and will likely spread across the country in the coming weeks, according to flu experts.

Nothern Germany has been the hardest hit by the dreaded virus, spokesperson Silke Buda from flu watchgroup AGI said on Tuesday, adding that southern Germany was not suffering from as many reported flu cases.

The virus that is spreading so quickly is a subtype that has in the past caused worse cases than the average flu bug, including a higher number of related deaths. The experts at AGI recommended that German residents get flu shots right away, because it can take up to 14 days before it protects those who have been immunized.

If residents begin to feel the typical flu symptoms of headache, achy joints, fever and nausea, the should see their doctor immediately, AGI said.