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German men are more romantic than their lady friends

German men are more romantic and say "I love you" more often than their female counterparts, according to a poll released by Reader’s Digest on Tuesday.

German men are more romantic than their lady friends
Photo: DPA

At least 40 percent of German men verbally express their ardour at least once per day, while only 32 percent of German women do the same, the magazine reported ahead of its February issue.

Numbers evened out between the sexes for Germans who express their passion on a weekly basis, however, with 31 percent of men and 33 percent of women reporting this was their habit.

Of the 1,000 representative Germans polled by research institute Emnid across the country – 729 of whom said they were in a relationship – the most romantic age group fell between 30 and 39-years-old. Almost 50 percent of this group reported a daily declaration of love.

But as couples age, they apparently tire of expressing their devotion. Just 25 percent of those between 50 and 59-years-old said they told their partners they love them every day.