Police chase down masked marauders on A3 motorway

Police chase down masked marauders on A3 motorway
Photo: DPA
A frantic call to police reporting a car with a pair of masked bandits caused a scare on the A3 motorway, but they turned out to be a couple who had caught a cold, Erlangen police reported on Monday.

A motorist alerted police after encountering the masked pair in a beige Mercedes on Friday afternoon. The passenger was apparently wearing a wig.

Police found the car from North Rhine-Westphalia near Nuremberg and discovered that the couple, both 40-years-old, were on their way to a ski resort for a vacation. Because they’d both caught a cold, they decided to bundle up in ski masks for the ride.

Police also determined that there were no wigs involved. “The woman’s hair was definitely real,” a police statement said.

The officers wished the masked-marauders a quick recovery and a nice holiday, the statement added.