Dieter Bohlen testifies in robbery case

Dieter Bohlen testifies in robbery case
Photo: DPA
The tables turned for German pop icon Dieter Bohlen on Monday when he testified before a Lübeck court over a series of robberies that included his home, where thieves grabbed some €150,000 in goodies five years ago.

Bohlen, 54, a former member of 1980’s band Modern Talking, usually sits in the judge‘s seat in his current job at Deutschland sucht den Superstar, the German version of Pop Idol or American Idol.

The musician, songwriter and producer took to the witness stand to testify against a 59-year-old who is accused of robbing the villa near Hamburg as well as luxury store Hermes in Lübeck with two accomplices. Bohlen has often been criticised for controversial and cruel commentary as a judge on television.

He testified to a full court room with many fans waiting outside in hopes of catching a glimpse of the star.

Bohlen was not home when his villa near Hamburg was robbed in 2003 because he was working Hamburg filming. The thieves made off with photos, antique vases, high-value recording equipment and a USB stick with a raw copy of Bohlen’s book Hinter den Kulissen, or “Behind the Curtains.