Village puts plot of land up to raffle to spark interest

A village which failed to sell a piece of land the normal way has provoked a storm of interest by putting it up as the prize in a raffle – where the tickets are just €6.

Village puts plot of land up to raffle to spark interest
Photo: DPA

The land, in Rotenhain near Westerburg in Rhineland-Palatinate, is 553 square metres, more than enough to build a family home on, say local politicians.

Hubertus Limbach, the village mayor said recent tax changes had led to a decline in demand for land on which to build new houses.

“Building land prices here are only around €38 for a square metre, and that is already very low compared to prices in other communities,” he said.

The village, which is home to 600 people, offers as much as other places of a similar size, and the land in question is nicely isolated from other buildings.

The village started selling the 6,000 raffle tickets on Friday, under the caveat that individuals would be limited to buying a total of 100, and companies could only buy 500.

Further ticket sales would take place on January 29 and February 12 and the draw is planned for mid-March.