300 million text messages expected on New Year’s Eve

300 million text messages expected on New Year's Eve
Photo: DPA
Germans are likely to go SMS-crazy this New Year's Eve. The mobile phone trade organisation Bitkom said that networks are bracing themselves for an onslaught of New Year's wishes.

According to new figures Bitkom released on Sunday, 300 million text messages are expected to be sent next Wednesday night, averaging five per mobile phone in the country.

Despite extra measures to handle the text torrent, networks warn that delays could happen, especially when messages are sent between different providers. Text messages are sent to central connection points, where it is checked what network the receiver uses. If it is the same, the message is sent directly to the phone. If different, it first has to pass through the connection point of the receiver’s network.

Around 23 billion text messages were sent in Germany in 2008, Bitkom’s latest statistics show.