The Local’s guide to Christmas in Germany

Need to take a break from holiday reruns on TV and gorging on Granny’s Yuletide goodies? Check out all of The Local’s special Christmas coverage.

The Local's guide to Christmas in Germany
Photo: DPA

It’s been a busy holiday season for our first Advent in Germany. We’ve delved into the peculiarities of Teutonic traditions and served up plenty of Christmas cooking.

Just in case you’ve missed anything we’ve cobbled it all together for you here. Merry Christmas!

Portnoy’s Stammtisch: A very Portnoy Christmas

In the latest dispatch of Portnoy’s Stammtisch, The Local’s column about life in Germany, Portnoy contemplates the extended frenzy he faces each holiday season.

Germany’s holiday food favourites

Invited to a German Christmas dinner and don’t know what to expect? Forget about your Turkey with cranberry sauce, say good bye to mince pies and Christmas pudding and embrace these Teutonic holiday specialities.

Traditional Christmas recipes

Still not sure what to cook for Christmas? Try some of these German recipes collected by Deutsch Perfekt magazine.

Selling Yuletide cheer at German Christmas markets

Christmas markets are popular to visit, but have you ever thought about starting your own stand? Stuart Anderson looks into the realities of this famous German tradition from the other side of the counter.

The Local’s guide to Christmas markets

Put on your mittens, don your cap, and join The Local for a tour of Germany’s best-loved Christmas markets.

Krampus is coming: Bavaria’s scary Christmas tradition

Goat-headed, troll-like monsters that come out at night and roam Christmas markets and villages are part of southern German tradition during the holidays.

Celebrating Nikolaus in Germany

Each December 6, German children celebrate Nikolaus. Why does the Santa look-alike come so early and why do all the children place their shoes outside their front doors on the evening before? The Local has The Lowdown.

Boot camp builds Berlin’s best Santas

Each year Berlin’s top Santa Claus provider Heinzelmännchen holds a veritable Christmas boot camp for hundreds of Santas, and The Local’s Kerstin von Glowacki stopped by to find out what it takes to be a member of the elite yuletide force.

The Local’s Christmas quiz

As 2008 slowly winds down, it’s time for The Local’s first annual Christmas quiz.