Swiss-German border controls end Friday

There will no longer be checks on the German-Swiss border after Switzerland joins the Schengen Agreement on Friday.

Swiss-German border controls end Friday
Photo: DPA

Police forces in both countries plan a flexible partnership for mobile checks, interior minister for the German state of Baden-Württemberg Heribert Rech said on Thursday, adding that border control operations would intensify to make up for the removal of fixed stations.

The changes are a result of Swiss accession to the Schengen Agreement, which removes physical border controls in participating countries in the European Union and partner countries such as Switzerland.

Police in the two countries have been working closely together for years, Rech said.

Switzerland has already been participating in the Schengen Information System (SIS) for several months. The SIS is an international government database for law enforcement information.

So far six dangerous criminals from Switzerland have been arrested by other countries because of the cooperation. Meanwhile Switzerland has been able to capture 20 criminals that were on the run from other nations.