Snow causes numerous accidents in Bavaria

Snow causes numerous accidents in Bavaria
Photo: DPA
Wintery street conditions in Bavaria caused several accidents overnight in what could be just the beginning of traffic chaos in Germany, as more snow is expected in the coming days.

Police on Thursday morning reported three people were injured on the A9 motorway near Bindlach in Franconia after their vehicle spun out of control on the icy surface. The car bounced into the concrete median before sliding across the motorway to smash into a wall on the right-hand shoulder.

A driver also rammed into a snowplough near Kulmbach after she was blinded by the truck’s yellow warning lights, which caused her to overlook its tail lights as it was breaking. The accident ripped the salt dispenser off the plough, but the driver was unharmed.

Snow on the motorway caused a speeding car near Coburg to fly off the road into an adjacent field. The man behind the wheel suffered a shock but remained uninjured.

Meteorologists are expecting heavy snow across much of Germany on Friday.

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