Teenagers smash man’s skull in Munich U-Bahn

Teenagers smash man's skull in Munich U-Bahn
Photo: DPA
Police on Tuesday reported a group of at least six teenagers recently attacked a 24-year-old man in the Munich U-Bahn station, causing skull and facial fractures. His brother suffered a broken nose when he tried to intervene.

The two men from the eastern German city of Jena were waiting with a friend for the metro on November 30 when the teenagers began verbally abusing them. After the 24-year-old refused to tolerate the insults, he was pushed and hit in the face. He fell to the ground and lost consciousness. His 21-year-old brother was also beaten when he tried to help.

The man was taken in an ambulance to a Munich hospital and is now recovering from the attack after being released, the police report said.

Though the incident occurred on the morning, but unfortunately there are no video recordings available from U-Bahn surveillance cameras, a police spokesman said. The police have no concrete leads to find the attackers, but investigators are hoping to find witnesses.

A year ago a retiree was attacked and brutally beaten by two young men in the Munich U-Bahn. A court sentenced the perpetrators to twelve years in jail on counts of attempted murder.