Customs allows more duty-free items in Germany

Customs allows more duty-free items in Germany
Photo: DPA
As of December 1, anyone travelling outside of the European Union to do Christmas shopping will be able to bring more duty-free goods into Germany, the customs office announced on Monday.

The value of tax-free goods people are allowed to bring into the country has been raised from €175 to €430 ($550) for goods brought in by plane or boat, and €300 ($380) for goods brought in by car or train. For travellers under 15 the value of duty-free goods remains the same as before, at €175 ($220).

The amount of duty-free tobacco products and spirits will remain unchanged, but travellers can now bring in an additional four litres of “non-carbonated wine and 16 litres of beer free of import duties,” a statement from the German customs office said.

The change is a boon for shoppers vacationing to the United States, where many goods are cheaper than their European counterparts. “Above all classics like leisure clothing, sporting goods and shoes, and electronic articles are real deals when compared to the German prices,” Rita Hille from “Visit USA Committee Germany” told news magazine Stern on Monday.