Suspended gay sex priest employed in Munich parish

A Catholic priest who was dropped from a position in Austria for taking part in wild gay sex parties, is working for a Munich parish and even celebrating mass, according to newsmagazine Der Spiegel.

Suspended gay sex priest employed in Munich parish
The original report Photo:DPA

Wolfgang Rothe, who was second in charge of a priest seminar in St Pölten, Austria, was suspended in 2004 along with his boss after being accused of having sexual relations with his male students and taking part in wild sex parties.

Thousands of child porn-related data were also found on his computer.

The scandal came to light when Austrian magazine Profil published photographs of Rothe snogging a male seminar student.

He always denied the sex affair allegations and appealed against his suspension, but his protests were ignored by the Vatican which enacted the suspension this spring.

Der Spiegel said it could not get a comment from the Munich Catholic authorities on why Rothe was being employed again.