O Tannenbaum, your price is so uninviting!

O Tannenbaum, your price is so uninviting!
Get outta here! Photo: DPA
Getting into the Christmas spirit will require Germans to dig a bit deeper into their wallets this year. Both Christmas trees and their candles will be more expensive, consumer magazine Guter Rat reported on Thursday.

Christmas tree prices are expected to increase by 25 percent. Discount trees will go up by €3 to €4, bringing the cost to between €15 and €20, Henrik Mainz from the Danish Christmas tree growers’ association told the magazine. Denmark is the world’s largest exporter of Nordmann fir, which is Germany’s most popular Christmas tree.

The scroogy price increase is due to a higher demand for Christmas trees in Eastern Europe this year, Mainz said. Last year Eastern Europe was to blame for a 30 percent increase in the cost for a Tannenbaum.

Meanwhile, the candles that traditionally decorate German Christmas trees will also be more expensive. “Candle prices will be 12 to 14 percent more expensive for consumers this year,” head of the German candle manufacturers association Alexander Kopschitz told Guter Rat.

The increase is due to a 40 percent increase in the cost of paraffin, which is derived from crude oil.