Police arrest three men for blowing up ATMs

Police arrest three men for blowing up ATMs
A file photo of an April ATM explosion in Hesse. Photo: DPA
Three men have been arrested in Berlin on suspicion of blowing up several cash machines since February, German police reported on Tuesday.

Officers from the state office of criminal investigation entered a Berlin apartment at 7 am and arrested the suspects, who are believed to have destroyed cash machines in across Schleswig-Holstein and Brandenburg.

Police caught on to the men, aged 30 to 36-years-old, after they left clues behind at a crime scene in Dithmarschen. Two of the suspects live in Brunsbüttel, Schleswig-Holstein, where authorities simultaneously searched for evidence.

“The men are suspected of igniting a gas mixture to explode the machines, which in every case caused extensive damage to the buildings where they were housed,” said the joint statement from the Schleswig-Holstein LKA and the prosecutor’s office in Itzehoe, where the suspects were taken for questioning.

Despite making a lot of noise and causing property damage with the blasts, the unlucky suspects were often unable to reach their goal of removing actual cash from the machines.