Headless Berlin corpse was actually legless

A supposedly headless corpse discovered in Berlin's Schöneberg district was actually missing its legs, Der Tagesspiegel reported on Tuesday.

A Rembrandtstraße apartment tenant had apparently let friends stay in his home while he was away in Poland, according to the newspaper. He returned from his journey on Sunday night to find one his guests sitting next to the mangled corpse, which had apparently been there for some days.

The man called police, who arrested the 50-year-old Polish guest as a suspect in the murder. They found the upper portion of the murdered man’s body in the apartment living room. The rest of the body was later found in a trash bag “in the neighbourhood,” the paper reported. Police believe the victim was a 57-year-old Polish man.

City prosecutors told the paper that they had a warrant for the suspect they arrested for being at least an alleged accomplice in the grisly murder. They continue to search for a second suspect.