Drunk fined €2,400 for swiping sausage in Cologne

Drunk fined €2,400 for swiping sausage in Cologne
Photo: DPA
A Cologne district court on Friday fined a man €2,400 ($3,076) for stealing 100 grammes of pork sausage from a supermarket in a drunken fit of hunger.

Another customer in the store observed the 37-year-old man ravenously tear open and eat a package of sausage. When the customer told the man he should pay for the meat, he became abusive and the store manager called police after retaining the packaging as evidence.

The hungry man showed a blood alcohol content of close to 0.2 percent – well above the legal driving limit of 0.05, officials reported.

The accused contested the theft charges, saying he had enough cash to pay for what he’d eaten. But the judge sentenced the man to 80 days of €30 payments based on the testimony from several witnesses at the scene of the sausage swipe.